Fairy Tree Necklace
Girl wearing silver fairy tree pendant
Ash tree leaf pendant on silver chain
Silver ash tree pendant
Silver fairy lore pendant ash tree leaf
Fairy tree pendant over dried seaweed

Ash Tree Pendant, Sterling Silver Fairy Tree Necklace, Leaf Jewellery, Nature Pendant, Druid Jewelry

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This beautiful silver fairy tree pendant was inspired by fairy lore.  Like many ancient cultures the pagan Celts saw nature as integral to their lives and rivers, springs, trees, all had spirit life forces. The Ash tree was one of the three most sacred trees to the Druids and Celtic mythology along with the oak and the thorn. It was associated with Irish fairy lore. Ash trees were also associated with Uisneach the mystical navel of Ireland where ancient royal ceremonies were held. It was used in particular to ward off spells and bring good luck by the superstitious Irish. In this piece I have used a simple fretwork pattern to represent the leaves of the Ash Tree. This piece is Irish Design and handmade based on Celtic Mythology

This product measures 30mm long and 22mm wide.